[ICCR2017]Dr. Paul de Larminat(Johnson Controls--France): A/C in High Ambient Temperatures. Comparisons of Alternative Fluids.

[ICCR2017]Ruzhu Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University): Efficient Heat Pumps and Terminals for Different Climate Zones

[ICCR2017] Essam E Khalil(Cairo University): International Energy Efficiency in Buildings Standards

[ICCR2017]Yunho Hwang (Maryland University) : New Solid State Cooling Technologies

[ICCR2017]Mitsuhiro Fukuta (Shizuoka University): Transient dissolution and separation phenomena of oil/refrigerant mixture

[ICCR2017]Ahmed Kovacivic(City University, London): Recent developments in modelling of Positive Displacement Twin Screw Machines

【ICCR2017】Eckhard Groll(Purdue University): PDSim: A Generalized Modeling Platform to Predict the Performance of Positive Displacement Compressors and Expander